My Webinar with Games

I love communication in all its forms and during my career as a coach, intercultural trainer and during my expatriation in very different cultures, I have developed and gained experience with a myriad of tools to communicate at best and in all situations.

I consider playing a privileged tool to enable people of all creeds, cultures and backgrounds to communicate, learn and create connections in a light, profound and long-lasting way. For this I always use games in my coaching programs and in my intercultural training, but not exclusively.

I am so convinced that playing can change the world, I have created a series of webinars where I show my games and explain how to use them in various contexts.

Below is a list of all the webinars I have created so far. Click on the one you’re interested in for more details, or join my specific mailing list for dates on my webinars and other online activities. You can always contact me if you feel you need more details.

Webinar for Coaches

There are coaching clients who prefer to get into things with playful and light activities. Designed for coaches working in a variety of fields, this webinar teaches you new games, all tested and highly effective.



Webinar fot Intercultural Trainers

The activities and games that I will teach you during this webinar will contribute to making your intercultural training more participatory, engaging and with solid and lasting results.


Webinar for Online Team Building

In this webinar, I’ll share fun, light games and activities with you to help your team perform at their best.


Webinar on Icebreakers and Games to introduce oneself

During this hilarious webinar I will teach you about icebreakers and games to introduce your group members online. Get ready to relax and enjoy!


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